• Unit not working
    a. Check if the air supply is coming correctly to this tagging machine.
    b. Check the pneumatic connections of the tubes in this tagging machine.
  • Tag fastener not coming down in the tag gun
  • a. Make sure there is gap between the tag gun trigger and the TGIT-9 tagging machine puller-shaft Fig C.

    b.This could happen due to the tag gun trigger not getting fully pressed in the tagging machine.
    c. Increase the airflow by turning the forward and or the rear flow control valve in an anti-clockwise direction.
    d. If the problem is not solved, then, increase the air pressure by adjusting air pressure regulator. In case there is no gap between the puller-shaft of the tagging machine and the taggun trigger, you may increase and create the gap by adjusting the center locking nut on the cylinder, as shown in Fig. G.

    DO NOT ADJUST THE SLIDING SHAFTS as indicated in Fig. B.

  • Check the tag gun and replace it if the tag gun is damaged.
    a. Tag pins and fastener are not ejecting out fully from the Needle
    b. Check if the input air supply is coming correct into the tagging machine.
    c. Check air pressure setting in the air-regulator on the tagging machine. Increase the same if required. Open the rear/forward flow control valves to increase air flow in the cylinder, in order to speed up the tag gun trigger movement action.
    d. Check the position of the tag gun making sure that there is little gap between the puller-shaft of the unit and the tag gun trigger.
    e. Check the needle of the tag gun. You may need to replace the same if it is damaged. Check the tag gun and if you find a problem with tag gun, try to fix that or replace the tag gun if it is damaged.
  • Tag fastener jumping back (or up) in the tag /> a. Higher air pressure may make the tag pins jump up or out of the tag gun. Lower the air pressure by turning the air regulator on the main unit in a clock-wise direction.
    b. Air flow may be more than required on the puller-shaft cylinder. To reduce this speed of movement, check the flow control valves located on the cylinder.
  • Unable to set required pressure.
    a. Check your input air supply.
    b. Check for any leakage in the air regulator or the pneumatic tubes.
    c. If problem persists, contact your nearest dealer..
tag gun implement tool figure c
tag gun implement tool figure b
tag gun implement tool figure g
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