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Hook pins tag fasteners are used only with a standard tag gun. They are best suited when you have a need to hang a light weight small product, on small rods, for better display and consumer attention. Hence, it could lead to better display arrangement, and reduce stacking of products you sell. Remember, this is best suited only for light weight small products ! Hook Pins are available in the following :

Raw Material:PP and Nylon

PP(sizes in mm):15 , 35

Nylon(sizes in mm):35

Packing Details:50 hook pins per strip, 5000 hook pins per box, 20 hook pin boxes per carton

Recommended Usage:This is normally suggest to be used on light weight articles which requires to be hung for display. Examples - gift articles , socks, stuffed toys, etc.

Suitable Tag Guns:Arrow 9S, Arrow 9L, Arrow 9EL,Tagstar SA , Tagstar SB

Branding:We can produce this range of loop pins pins under your registered brands also, provided you place our required minimum order quantity.