adhesive buttons
adhesive buttons


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Our adhesive buttons or ceiling anchors are most suitable and recommended for hanging posters and banners. The sticker release paper on the back side of the adhesive buttons can be easily removed, and pasted onto any surface like glass, ceiling, side walls, etc. It is most ideal to use with our range of plastic display hooks, in which you can easily hang light weight display articles for your product promotions.

Raw Material:PE

Button Diameter:20mm diameter of adhesive button

Adhesive Strength:The Adhesive button can withstand article weight of about 1.5 to 2.2kgs

Packing Details:Adhesive Buttons : 100 pcs of adhesive buttons in one polybag, 25 polybags of adhesive buttons in one inner carton, 10 inner cartons of adhesive buttons in one outer carton.
Hooks : 100 pcs of display hook per polybag, 25 polybags of display hooks per inner carton, 10 inner cartons of display hooks per outer carton.

Recommended Usage:For articles which are required to be displayed by hanging and weight of article is less than 1.5kgs, such articles can be hung with help of adhesive buttons; the plastic hook may also be used for better display.

Colors:Can be customized to any specific color required.