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Ring pins type of tag fasteners can only be used with a standard tag gun. Ring Pin fasteners are best suited when you have a need to frequently keep changing the labels on your product. Using this, once a product has been tagged with ring pin, you can easily replace you paper tags on the products, on a daily basis if need be ! Eg., you may have a sale of 50% discount on day 1, 40% discount on day 2 and 20% discount on day 3, then, in such case, you do not have to re-tag each product of yours every day again ! You can remove the 50% discount label from the product and replace it with the 40% discount label on the same Ring pin fastener. Hence, it reduces the need to keep re-tagging on the product, while you can change the label as many times as you wish ! They are available in the following :

Raw Material: PP

PP(sizes in mm):25, 35

Packing Details:50 ring pins per strip, 5000 ring pins per box, 20 ring pin boxes per carton

Recommended Usage: Ring Pins are best suited for normal / thicker fabrics, where you require to keep replacing or adding tags frequently, may be because of discount sales, etc.

Suitable Tag Guns: Arrow 9S, Arrow 9L, Arrow 9EL, Arrow 9SA , Arrow 9SB ,Tagstar SA , Tagstar SB

Branding:We can produce this range of ring pins pins under your registered brands also, provided you place our required minimum order quantity.