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loop tie pins

Loop Tie Pins are very similar to Loop Pins, but they have beads along the length of the Loop Pin, hence also called as beaded loop pins or tie pins. Hence you can adjust the size of the loop as required by you. These Loop Tie Pins are also called as beaded loop pins or also as adjustable loop pins. The Loop Tie Pin is attached to the product by hand, without use of any type of tag gun. They are also best suited to hold tight together articles, eg., to hold small plants together, to fasten the price tag close to the product, etc. Loop Tie Pins are available in the following :

Raw Material:PP

PP (sizes in mm):3" , 5" , 7" , 9"

Packing Details: 1000 pcs loop tie pin per polybag , 50 polybags of loop tie pin per carton

Recommended Usage: Loop Tie Pin is best recommended for those type of products, where a hole using tag gun is not possible or not advisable and you need the size of the loop as per your choice, such as high quality pants/shirts, mugs, lamp shades, telephones, plants, flower pots, jewellery etc.

Colors:Can be customized to any specific color required

Branding:We can produce this range of loop tie pins under your registered brands also, provided you place our required minimum order quantity.