Manufacturers of tag guns, tag pins, spray guns, loop pins

Jay Group Of Companies

JAY GROUP established in 1982, in Bangalore, India, has experienced significant growth in networking with our clients spread at large across the globe, currently exporting to about 42 countries, apart from India. Our efficiency in business has set benchmarks for our competitors on the lines of quality and service. We not only offer and deal in premium quality products to give our client's excellent services and true value for money, but also now offer and deal in low cost products, to increase affordibility and profit margins of our clients.

We at Jay Groups, are Asia's leading Manufactures and Exporters of Tag Fasteners, Tagging Guns and Attachers, and Textile Cleaning Spray Guns. We have always worked on business principles of honesty and integrity to provide total customer satisfaction to all our customers. We are engaged in the supply of high quality products in very large quantities, that are known for their flawless and smooth working.

In manufacturing of Tag Pins [Tag Fasteners], Tag Guns, Tagging Gun Needles, Textile Cleaning Spray Guns and Adhesive Buttons, we ensure that quality is maintained at every process, right from manufacturing upto material deliveryto our clients. We focus on continously changing our business processes for the improvement in the quality and try our best to ensure the safety of the products produced by us.

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  • Jay Plastic Company
  • Jay Fastener
  • Jay Industrial Corporation
  • Jay Engineering Industry
  • Jay Garment Accessories
  • Jay Spray Techniques
  • Jay Tagging Systems

To maintain the best quality standards for manufacture of our products, with no compromise on quality.

To provide quick and reliable customer service.

To help you increase your competitiveness with cost efficiency, in the retail market place.

To design, develop and create more better and more efficient tagging and cleaning systems.

No. 5, Charles Campbell Road,
Cox Town, Bangalore - 560 005.
Phone : (+91) 80 25483508 /
25483928 / 25484769 ;
Fax : (+91) 80 25488780 / 25484364

a. Offer best customer service with no compromise on quality

b. To sell our products at most reasonable prices whereby both we and our clients stand to gain.

c. To make exports to all countries across the globe and have a complete global presence.

Our ever growing R & D team is continuously upgrading systems with the latest technology and are developing innovative process, tools and features, to keep up and improve the quality of our products in this fast paced business market. Lot of our developments are also Patent protected.