tag pins standard and fine
Tag Pins are very economical, elegant and easy way of attaching a `price tag' on to a garment, stuffed toys, textile articles, shoes, carpets, ladies purses and other articles, either by help of a tag gun or just by hand. Our special formula of raw-materials, referred as "Special PP", helps the tag pins remain soft and prevents the tag pins from getting brittle during winter. We are the only company in the world to have developed this type of raw-material formula. Our Special PP tag pins are most preferred world-over.


Tag Fasteners
tag guns standard and fine

Tag guns are hand held equipments, that help attach price tags to products, with help of different types of tag pins, as suited to your need. We not only produce economy model of tag guns, but also mid range tag guns and premium ranges tag guns too. We produce tag guns suitable for standard tag pins, fine tag pin and micro tag pins. Some of the most popular models includes Arrow 9S tag gun, Arrow 9L tag gun, Arrow 9F tag gun, Arrow 9EL tag gun, Arrow 9SA tag gun, Arrow 9SB tag gun, Tagstar SA tag gun, Tagstar SB tag gun, Tagstar XB tag gun.

ABS raw material is use for Arrow brand of tag guns, and our premium range of TagStar tag guns are produced in Polycarbonate material. Simple to use - pull the trigger and tags are attached quickly and effortlessly. Designed to provide maximum comfort, all these models of tag guns weight below 98 gms, and are rugged in use.


Our "Textile Cleaning Spray Guns", also known as Spot Cleaning Guns, are designed and developed for spot removal of dirt / stains from fabrics / garments, not only at manufacturing stage, but also at point of sale. This equipment sprays solvents at a contolled pressure, which helps shoot the dirt out from the fabric, hence removing the stains without damaging the fabric.


spray gun metal body
We produce metal body spray guns as well as plastic body spray guns, which have option of fixed or adjustable nozzles. Each spray gun is individually shrink packed and has a distinctive serial number, also bearing our original brand hologram ("Arrow", "Wonder" "Chokho"). It is a light weight hand-held equipment which works on electricity. Our spray guns are 'CE' Certified. Apart from garment cleaning, other areas of usage of spray guns are cleaning of hair-wig bases, cleaning of rollers in the printing industry, cleaning of machine parts which are normally very difficult to be accessed by hand.
spray gun plastic
tag gun needle c121 standard
tag gun needle d191 fine
Tag gun needles are classified into two types, viz., Mark-I and Mark-II tag gun needles. Mark-I tag gun needles are those type of needles in which there is no built-in cutter. The cutter is normally a seperate part, fixed in the tagging gun. Mark-II tag gun needles are those types of needles in which there is a built-in cutter, which makes tagging very smooth, every time you change the needle.


adhesive buttons and hooks
Our adhesive buttons or ceiling anchors are most suitable and recommended for hanging posters and banners. The sticker release paper on the back side of the adhesive buttons can be easily removed, and pasted onto any surface like glass, ceiling, side walls, etc. It is most ideal to use with our range of plastic display hooks, in which you can easily hang light weight display articles for your product promotions.